The Kama Sutra, widely perceived as a sex manual is a far more complex text than that. The Kama Sutra is a comprehensive manual for living a good life. Originally an ancient Hindu Sanskrit text written by several authors but believed to be compiled by an Indian sage named Vatsyayana in the 3rd century. The book Kama sutra means a TREATISE of PLEASURE. In the real sense, the Kama Sutra is an ancient text of wisdom, a standard work on human sexual behavior and the oldest book on sensual pleasure.

The Kama Sutra is an incredibly famous piece of erotic literature, and for couples wanting to spice up their love life, can be a guide for sexual positions and practices. Outside of sex, the Kama Sutra is an interesting read and as such, can affect people personally, rather than with a partner or sexually. Ask one of the beautiful women at your Chicago Companions, Los Angeles Escorts, and from DC GFE.

According to Hindu customs, God created man and woman in the beginning and laid down some rules by which they ought to live by. These rules are governed by three basic ideas of which Kama (enjoyment of the senses) is one of them. Kama Sutra, a text on the enjoyment of the human senses primarily and it is divided into seven books which cover courtship and marriage, sexual union, general principles, the role of the wife, the prostitute, secret lore and the process of seducing other people’s wives. In the Kama Sutra the author argued that although human pleasures are necessary for life and living, it must be sought with moderation.

Funny enough, although the Kama sutra a beautiful text on human sexuality and enjoyment of the senses originated from the Asian continent yet there are a significant misconception and bias about the idea of sexuality in the Asian cultures.

In most Asian cultures the topic of sex and sexuality is seen as a taboo and a subject never to be discussed. In most Asian families, the underlying reason for keeping the issue of sexuality sacred and not to be discussed is because they believe that the less you know about sex, the less likely you are to make a mistake, seriously? But I for one think that mistakes are borne out of ignorance, and most Asian are ignorant because of the education they receive at home and the culture around them. Asian parents cringe and even accuse schools of contaminating their children’s minds if any sex education is introduced to them because sex is sinful and a topic not to be discussed among kids until they are fully grown.

But then if the idea of sex and sexuality is a taboo in most Asian cultures, how come the Kama sutra originated from this continent? How come Japan and the Famous red light district in Thailand became the choice destination for single men when it comes to the satisfaction of sexual desires? If some countries on the Asian continent are destinations for sexual pleasure, then where did their education on sex and sexuality come from? I’m forced to conclude and believe that their educations come from the Kama sutra or better still just maybe sexuality is a fabric of the Asian culture but has become an idea they choose to intentionally disdain.

The Kama sutra in more ways than imaginable has somehow influenced the Asian culture, although this is purely my own opinion and it stands to be corrected.