How to carry yourself like a man

There is nothing more to a woman than a man and if you are not carrying yourself like a man then you are not pulling any real woman. Count on that. A real woman will spot a boy from a mile away and keep their distance. Yeah, you can pull little girls who have no understanding of who they are or what they want in life but that is not why you are here. You want something serious and want to build a relationship that will last. You need a woman for that not a little girl who is only interested in games. Unlike the escorts from Wet n’ Wild Escorts, who are mature and sophisticated.

Being a man is not at all about your age

Being a man is about purpose. A man knows their purpose in life. What they want to achieve and have a general idea of how they will do that. An aura of confidence surrounds him and can be felt in his presence. This sense of purpose that a man carries with him is like an aroma that the opposite sex smells and is instantly attracted towards. Someone that her biological clock identifies as the right person to reproduce with.

How do you become a man?

Being a man has nothing to do with the hair you have on your chest or how low your balls hang. That old adage about becoming a man after you have sex for the first time has never been true. To become a man, you have to figure out your purpose, you need to be responsible for yourself, you need to be able to be with or without and be satisfied. You have to develop the balls to roll with the punches the world hits you with.

A man understands women

I know, I know, women cannot be understood. You are right. A man understands that women do not need to be understood to love them. A man does not put a woman first in his life and a man doesn’t let a woman bring him down. If a woman can bring a man down than the world can bring a man down. A woman will push every button to see if she can bring you down. She wants to feel secure in the fact that you will not let the world defeat you and if she can the world can.

A man doesn’t need to draw attention to himself

The key identifier of a man I that he does not need to puff up his feathers in order to create attraction. He understands that he is attractive in his being. His motivation is his purpose, not a woman. The courting dance is something he doesn’t need to play. He is playing already by being a man. He is attracting women from his being a man, not from the display of his feathers. The ruffling of feather is the futile dance of inexperienced males trying to have sex with whatever girl they can attract. A man does not concern himself with such.